Our community

Our Community in Tuchow

A very important aspect of Redemptorists' lives is the communal living. We create generations of monastic families, enriching each others' lives, experiencing our vocation. We gather together for prayers at different times of the day, to offer God ourselves, the sacrifice of our work, duty, success and failure, and to draw strength from our meeting with our Savior who calls all of us to Evangelize.



Communal life gives us the opportunity to adorn our lives with the variety of talents we have received from our Lord. We become aware of these talents through our collective work, shared celebration of our birthdays and feasts, or in times of rest. The rich experience of our lives present us with a priceless realization of our daily tasks. The younger brothers can feed off the experience of their elders, who often carry the burden of illness or suffering, becoming at the same time witnesses of Christ who gave his life for Salvation of the world.


Simply Us

An essential law of our life is to: live in community and to fulfill the apostolic duty through the community. This is the reason why most of our mission work is performed following Christ's directions who "sent them (his apostles) two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go".



This gives us motivation to bring Evangelization reaching the hopeless, the most destitute and poverty driven, those with no sight of future in their lives.




Walking with a senior citizen

In the monastery garden Multigenerational family Hiking together Trip to the mountains