Preparation to Mission


Giving the joy

The time of seminary formation is not only a time when we deepen our knowledge and academic preparedness for our future tasks, it is also a time of personal commitment in the apostolic work of our brothers.


Mission fair

The best time to take the first steps in Redemptorist mission is vacation time, during which young Redemptorists serve people in different ways: participating in pilgrimages to the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, accompanying the sick and the dying in Torun hospice, broadcasting programs in the Radio Maryja and TV TRWAM, undertaking the work of new Evangelization in Woodstock, where the rock concerts take place, and among young people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and remain in therapy centers.


Rock Festival

Mission Group "Wschod" has existed for the last twenty years. Being part of this group, the Redemptorists, including brothers and lay people, engage in proclaiming Gospel in the countries of the former Soviet Union. They care for children and youth in a special way. This is mainly operated during the summer months, but it requires year round work, including collection of funds which will pay for the retreats, finding good locations and creating habitable conditions for those who come.



Involvement in Parents' Association and Friends of the Handicapped "Nadzieja" in Tuchow takes on a different nature. Regular prayer and catechization meetings, as well as helping volunteers prepare for skillful attendance of handicap children and their parents remains the duty of some of our brothers.


Work with the subcultures

Young Redemptorists are also responsible for the care of priestly and monastic vocations. Summer and winter retreats for youth, days of meditation and allowing those who wish to see the daily life and vocation of Redemptorists engage all our seminarians. With joy, they share the beauty and sense of their lives with their peers.


Retreat for children

In a similar way, Redemptorist Association of Mission Friends animated by the clergy of our seminary spreads the mission initiative among the laymen and ensures good organization of material resources for Redemptorists working in other parts of the world





Meeting of the East Mission Band With disabled children