Mission on East


Testimony of Roza Fridrichowna Germulina
I come from Altai Krai in Siberia. My family was German, the name was Tropperman and when I was a child we lived in a village where everyone was Catholic....
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Testimony of Jaroslaw Zienkiewicz
Our parish was established circa 1997. Fr. Darius came to Orsk from Orenburg. When I learned about it, I asked "Do Catholics meet here?". The club made...
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Praise be the Lord!
I am Fr. Mirosław Dawlewicz CSsR. I belong to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists). I was born in northern part of Poland in small...
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Testimony of Fr. Andrzej Michon CSsR
I am a Redemptorist and have worked in Kazakhstan for the last seven years. Kazakhstan is a large country area wise, however the population is only...
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