Mission on East

New challenges

Construction work in Togliatii

It's now been twenty years since we've started working in former Soviet Union's countries. Although we started our work from scratch, God in his grace allowed us to be present now in eleven missions in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. There are still more challenges ahead of us.


Chapel in Pioniersk

A magnitude of mission work must still be performed in the countries of the former Soviet Union - there is a huge need for more finances to fulfill our Catholics' dream of normal, fully operational and fully equipped parishes. The following are our upcoming challenges.


Redemptorists in Pioniersk

Togliatti. We have been present in this big Russian city for many years. In 2012 we started the construction of a church, where the faithful could worship our Lord in a real shrine. Our parish there is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, and the church is dedicated in a special way to Bl. John Paul II. His life was affected in a special way by the Fatima visions, which reference the conversion of Russia and the particular way it was connected with the country, therefore the reason for the dedication. We also have plans to add a monastery in the future.


Redemptorists from Russia
and Kazakhstan

Pioniersky. This youngest Redemptorist parish in Russia is also in need of church construction. The parishioners have been meeting for worship in a chapel, located in makeshift monastery, adapted from a regular house. The fathers' dream, as well as that of the local Catholics is to set-up a multi function room in the monastery, for the different spiritual groups.


The beginning
of the construction
work in Togliatti

Minsk. This is the newest challenge the Redemptorists in Belarus must face. We want to be present in the capital of this country, where God is needed as much as the other cities, we're sure. There are Catholic churches in Minsk, but the city is still growing and spiritual guidance is needed for people who come from the poor province to the capital, where they seek a "better future" for themselves.


We have already purchased a house that we intend to turn into a monastery. In the near future, we will start the construction of a church. We also wish to build a parish center, one that will serve the people in various ways shown to us by God.